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Founder and Owner of VetCur MSc Rebekka Gadeberg.

Our care products are all tailored to be effective, safe, and made solely on natural ingredients. This ensures that they also are safe to use for weakened animals. Rebekka Gadeberg states:

"Over the years I have realized that all the answers to various questions can be found withing the infinite treasure vault of nature. Animals living in their natural environment have unlimited access to the resources they need to survive and thrive. As humans we have the obligation to provide the domesticated animals with all the care and help we can, ensuring maximum life quality".

VetCur is the result of a lifelong passion for all living beings on this planet. The founder and owner MSc Rebekka Gadeberg develops all products together with a devoted and experienced team of scientists and technicians.

Every consumer wants products and services of high standard and quality, built upon proper research, seriousness and "know how". Due to our professional, competent and well-educated personnel, VetCur Biotec provides these attributes in all aspects of our business. We ensure safety with respect to ingredients, production and control of all animal consumer products which includes, business cooperation, product development and innovation.

VetCur Biotec Global Achievement

VetCur Biotec is the first company world wide, devoted to accumulate all its knowledge and power within the field of naturally derived active phytochemicals, into tailor made concepts that benefit the focal species at the root of the cause.This ensures that consumers are provided with unique solutions, which on one hand benefit the species in focus, and on the other hand increase the survival and vitality of the treasures on earth.


A key element in our everyday work is innovation. A number of conditions, regarding the inconclusive results and benefits obtained from convential treatments and enriched feeding (functional food), to cope with production loss, epidemics, diseases and illnesses of pets and production animals have lead to the conviction that novel research has to take a different route to obtain lasting improvements and sustainable results.

With respect to our animal food products and feed supplements, VetCur focuses on the animal in its entirety to ensure species-specific biological animals needs. Therefore,we avoid using additives and chemical substances and use as many organic ingredients as possible - because you are, what you eat!

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